Fanning the Flame

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.29.45 PMHello Sweet Friends, I sit this Sunday relishing in all that my God has done these past few weeks. It's almost surreal. The movement....the heart change....the passion awakening in women.....everywhere!

Earlier this month I kept seeing the verse "He is doing a new thing" on text, in the Word, on journals.....little seeds resting well with my spirit. Something new is happening! I hadn't spoken in several weeks and I was entering into several events back to back, and I began to get a little anxious. What is about to happen? I felt a calling to be bolder in be transparent....expose lies so that truth could usher in the light. The light that gives light to us all. It is time to set the captives free!

Most of us have read that we are the light of the world, but how few live it entangled in lies of the enemy...I'm not enough. He could never use me. I'm too broken. My life too hard. The debt too consuming. The marriage too far gone. I have nothing to offer. I'm not pretty enough or skinny enough or talented enough. Hopeless.

Leaning in to the whisper, I have dared to follow the lead of the spirit even when it was uncomfortable calling down the entire church in Summerville, South Carolina and close to it in Fairhope, AL for prayer and declaration of freedom. We hit our knees together in Clinton, Mississippi claiming unity, and we unleashed an anointing upon the woman of Dothan, AL like I have never witnessed. A fresh touching of the Holy Spirit for all. Taste and see the goodness! We felt it as we worshiped more freely than some are comfortable, we got real and pulled off the mask and revealed the hidden places, we spoke truth in love, we prayed over one another and we gave thanks and we saw Him move in every place. I am still in awe......

And today we are given my husband's Bible from 1991 where He had written in the margins....So many want to pull in the fish, but no one wants to stay and clean them? It began to speak to exciting to see the abundance of women coming to a place of experiencing His presence and feeling the truth invade their darkness, but what happens from here? I'm not to infer we "clean" people up, but how do we walk with them and disciple them and encourage them knowing full well how the enemy operates to steal the joy of such moments that we shared?

I can't say that I have the answer in this moment, but I can promise that I am seeking for any direction.

What I do hear is BE INTENTIONAL!!!!! Be intentional in your pursuit of His heart. Be intentional to praise as often as you can....driving, dressing, resting, dancing. Be intentional to pour into the life of's hard to doubt when you pouring out, I have found. Be intentional about walking with others encouraging one another....unity has power. Be intentional about seeing where you are weak, and surrender to the pruning so you can stand against satan's bait.

I also ask that we come together lifting up the leaders over all of these events  that God would continue to stir mightily in their spirit and give them vision for ways for keeping their women alive and connected. Let passion reign over these ministries and people be willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of moving closer.Will you pray with me?

Father, We lift up Heather and Barbi and Christen and Tammy, Lynn, Susan and Jessie. We ask that you would continue to move and stir in them with passion for these women that serve with them. Father, give them vision for ways to bring women together. Cover them in unity and one mindedness. Give them freedom to allow you to move in their ministries, and set their hearts on fire for the kingdom. Break off Father anything that would cause division or confusion, and thread each ministry together with a bond unbreakable. May your glory fall in these places like never before and let it be a light for the broken to come home. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing up for us these past few weeks so intimately.  Oh how we praise you for your presence in each place. Let us not grow weary in our seeking your heart, but let us be filled with hope and confidence that you are doing a new thing and we don't want to miss it!!!! We love you with all of us. Give us more!!!!

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.


Sweet friends,

Seek His heart more than ever. Never forget the way it felt to stand in His presence, because I know each of you felt it. Don't let the enemy steal what God has done! And remember He tells us in D6....Never forget what I have done, because if we can remember, we can believe fully that He will do it again!!!!

Love to you all!!! Ro