Are you an Esther?


Good morning sweet friends,

Oh how I love Esther! The power of her story has consumed me for months now. I was preparing for a retreat last October when I became drawn to her like never before. And the more I sat with her story and the teachings of others on Esther, the more I understood why.

Some say her story is more than a peasant girl arriving at her royal destiny, but the truth of our destiny......come as you are and encounter the King......NEVER TO BE THE SAME! The truth is that our DESTINY IS ROYALTY, and like the orphaned peasant girl that seemed least likely to be chosen Queen, so are we welcomed to come just as we are. To be transformed! To be set apart! Ashes become beauty in His presence!

You see, Esther was one of 400-1400 girls selected for their "potential" to be Queen. There was nothing very royal about her current condition. She was of the world and probably a little tainted by it and smelled of it. And she would spend one year preparing herself for one night with the King. Her "beauty treatments" would call her to spend six months being soaked and scrubbed in myrrh to purify her body and skin. She would spend the next six months taking on the heavenly aromas of the palace inner dwelling by being steeped in frankincense, cassia and delicate oils and fragrance. . And then her moment would night with the king.

Her life was never to be the same regardless of what happened that night. She could never go back into the world as she once was after sharing presence with her King. She would be kept as part of his harem or chosen as one of the wives, or could it be possible that a commoner with no royal linage could take hold of the title of Queen?

And she does. Something about Esther drew King Xerxes to her. Tommy Tenney in Finding Favor with the King mentions that her actions assure us that her passion was to touch the heart of the king not only to behold the splendor of his kingdom.


I have had a number of women pull me aside at events and ask me how did I get here? I thank the Lord is evident how deeply I love Him:) And I often tried to retrace steps and put together a plan to share with those thirsty, but Esther brings me to this comes to this one word


There was a time when I held on to things tighter than God, because I thought following Him meant surrendering the things I enjoyed most. I thought my life would be over, and though it was over as I knew it, the truth is that it was just beginning.

Seek with your whole heart and He will be found. Jeremiah 29:13

The truth will set you FREE! And there was a woman inside of me dying to be FREE! And nothing in my life has compared to finding HIM! Loving Him! You CAN truly leave your fleshly orphaned self and take hold of the truth of the Spirit within you that knows you are the


There are Esthers living amongst us, and you, sweet friends, have the POTENTIAL or you wouldn't be reading this:) The question is.....Do you have the PASSION?

Sweet Friends, Set her free!

In His Wings, Ro