The need is great!


Hello sweet friends, I want to continue a little from my message from yesterday, because I mentioned a need that I realized on my recent journey with Hospice, and it is pulling my heart stings to share with you.

I do believe that God assigns us often in places to burden our hearts for something bigger than us, so that we take action. Last year, my eyes were opened to the struggles of middle school children and the calling of teachers. It led to a youth ministry and to this day, I have a burden for both. I pray for them often and never miss an opportunity to remind worn-out, weary teachers that they are CALLED!

And this year my assignment obviously took a drastic turn from youth and vitality to walking with the frail and elderly. And like last year, a burden to do more was birthed.  I pray this will touch the hearts of many of you, and stir you to some action, because


A few months back, our pastor's wife posed the question over text....

If Jesus washed the feet of disciples 2000 years ago, what would that look like today?

Her question had me thinking because it was certainly more than kissing and rubbing on pampered freshly pedicured feet. No, quite the contrary. When you think of the time He walked the earth, He literally walked it. They wore sandals and walked as means of transportation, so we can only imagine those feet, right? Certainly not those to be kissed?

Because the question was stirring in me, I shared the question with my husband and he believed that it would be caring for the sick and elderly that have lost ability to care for themselves and all that that in itself brings.

I believe he was right.

And serving with Compassus has allowed me to see this first hand.

First, there are far too many elderly caring for elderly. In good faith, a man or woman has promised their spouse never to "send them to a nursing home," even promised they would die first, and sometimes they do. I have sat at kitchen tables and seen worn out caregivers that need their very own caregiver. How this ninety year old man is caring for his eighty eight year old wife I still can't comprehend.  Their meds cost so much they are eating crackers and by their weight it is obvious. They are tied to their homes because they can't leave their spouse alone to run simple errands, and many of them don't need to be driving anyway.

The need is obviousand it breaks my heart to see. I wonder, can you give an hour to visit or bring some fruit or cook a meal or vacuum or sit while the other ran to the grocery? More importantly, could you be the presence of life to bring joy to their days that remind them constantly of how little they can now do.

Second, their are caregivers, often children, that need support and rest. Caring for a sick loved one is demanding in every way. They need spiritual and emotional as well as physical encouragement. Could you be that? Do you know someone that is at the end of them trying to care for sick parents?

Third, our nursing homes and assisted living facilities are overflowing with those hungry for your presence. I can admit I avoided them both for years, because it emotionally wrecked me, but now it is one of my greatest joys to see the face of Ava Marie, my "sexy senior citizen" light up when I walk in the door. I have found a number of people their completely alone. There is no family near or perhaps they have out lived theirs, and they are so hunger for touch and presence. Could you be that?

You see, Jesus called us to care for His sheep, and He has surely opened my eyes to something we have been missing. So many feel that you can only be the hands and feet of Jesus if you travel abroad, but I dare to say that you can be the hands and feet of Jesus right where you are, and someone is praying you do.

On Valentine's Day, I was visiting my sweet little ladies when I met a woman that was also visiting. She tells me that she was from a town about 20 miles away, and knew me from "Sweeteas." She had styled this lady's hair for 35 years, and comes now to visit once a week. How sweet I thought, and I walked away with Ava who wanted me to read the love letters she wrote to her husband of 60 years that passed 3 years ago. After we shared her beautiful love story that still lives in this precious ladies heart and moved me to tears, we return to find none other than  "Marilyn Monroe" with her hair perfectly poofed, cheeks a blush and nails freshly painted.

And I looked at that hair stylist from a near by town thinking many will not know her name, but He knows she tends His sheep. There is no greater joy than pouring out the love of God on those that need it. Could you spare an hour a week to love on those that need love? Could you fill the call to tend His sheep?

Be Jesus,


If you live in my community and would like to serve with me at Compassus, we would love to have you. I have learned that Hospice is not about dying but living and creating quality of life for those in frail condition. Sometimes it is more for the caregiver, and I am  most often told.....I wish I would have known sooner. Email me at if you would like to serve. Many Blessings, Ro