Thankfully Derailed!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.54.14 AM I was driving across the railroad tracks heading home the other day as I do most days, but for some reason I was taken by this thought of being DERAILED.

I must add.....Thankfully derailed!

I would venture to say from my own experience that nothing is more dangerous than believing you are on the right track, but having no idea you are not. I would rather be lost knowing and searching than content with life believing I had it all figured out, and finding out too late that I had missed it. So yes, I am thankful!

For most of my life, I thought I was heading in the right direction, but I should have known better because I knew the Word and He said ....small is the gate and narrow is the path to life and few find it (Matt 7:14), and my path was full. Full of others in their "Sunday best"- Bible in hand-completely decorated with crosses claiming to be "followers" like me.  Something to your path full or narrow?

My husband was trying to speak life into some teen boys the other day......we do it all for the glory of the Lord...our school work, on the basketball court, on the baseball field, when we are with our friends. He is foreign to them and you can see it on their faces, because all they know is to follow the Lord is show up on Sunday, and if you are really "devoted" to be there Wednesday too. But to live it truly follow every day in every way doing all things for His glory, who does that? He does. I sure try:)

And though our stories started on very different tracks, we were both derailed by the encounter of a very real and present loving God when we needed Him most. And when your life collides with Him, you can't help but be derailed and realigned to the path that may seem narrow and small but births LIFE.

You will find your life when you lose it.(Matt 10:39)

And when you truly find LIFE, you get it in your marrow that it is all about Him, and all things begin to shift and life only makes sense when it is done for the GLORY OF THE LORD!

I suppose the thought for the day is this.....if the road to life is narrow and small and few find it, are you on it?

For far too long, I have wanted to fit in, but no longer.....I want to be set apart. I want people to look at my life not for where I have been or what I have done, but simply because I am fearlessly His and it is OBVIOUS! May all that I do bring glory Him!

Perhaps, today you should offer up a simply prayer......

Papa, derail me! If my path is not to You, derail me. I would rather have full force collision and it lead to You, than a life missing all that You have for me! Derail me! I want MORE!

If time is but a vapor.......isn't it time?

Thankfully derailed,