Day Nine: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

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Dear His Beloved,

Even those that hardly know the Word of God could probably finish this piece of scripture....

Life and death are in the power of the ___________.

Our words have always been a source of power. If you have had any encounter with the Old Testament you can probably recall more than a few stories of Blessings SPOKEN that would define nations and kingdoms. You may recall Isaac's twins, Jacob and Esau, wrestling even in the womb to be the first born to receive the words spoken that would shape their destiny. Oh how we have missed the power of blessings.

Perhaps our missing the power of our words is a driving force in the struggle of a heart of a woman today. Her identity is attached to hard or difficult words spoken at some point in her life that stuck. She didn't measure up. She was a burden. She wasn't worthy. She wasn't seen or heard. She wasn't protected. Or perhaps the words needed most were held...I love you. You are beautiful! You are worthy! And today she is trying to find herself amidst the scars left by careless words spoken that were a knife to her soul.

Perhaps our reckless use of words is also the reason why you can google...Why are Christians so......and the words that should follow like forgiving, compassionate, and loving are deeply buried under words like hateful, intolerant, judgmental and mean. I hope this grieves your heart as it does mine.  Can I just be real in saying those who are hateful, mean, and judgmental aren't Christians? Christians were meant to be those that followed Jesus and Jesus operated from a servants heart full of love and compassion. Yes there were times he did not tolerate, but it wasn't the woman caught in adultery, but rather those who wanted to throw stones. It wasn't the people with leprosy deemed "untouchable" by the religious people that caused him to unleash his whip, but rather the religious people that turned His Father's house into a business. My how far we have fallen from the ways of Jesus yet claim we are His. Have Mercy on us!

If you are desiring to walk in a new identity, you can start with your tongue. Life and death are in the power of your tongue. (Proverbs 18: 21)This is not good advice, but truth. You can bring life to your circumstances or you can bring death. You can remain a victim of your past or you can bring it to Jesus so He can free you and you can start aligning to your future. You can allow the enemy of your heart to operate out of your tongue leaving scars on those in your life that will one day struggle with their own identity or you can stop and say No Longer!

Sweet friends, your words have power. It is time to unplug them from a source that throws critical, negative, condemning and judgmental words like darts, and plug into the one that spills out love to the unloved, compassion to the hurting, life to the dying and hope to the hopeless.  If you are longing for purpose,  you need nothing more than start unleashing the Blessings of a loving God from your lips!

If you speak TRUTH long enough, not only will you begin to believe it, but your physiological body will begin to receive it. Seriously! Science is teaching us that our words and thoughts effect us down to a cellular level! 

I encourage you to take captive your words especially your "always" and "never" statements and begin to speak them, write then and align to them, and watch what happens!! I dare you!!! :)

I am His Beloved. I am His Beloved. I am His Beloved.

In His Grip,


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