Day Seven: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

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Good morning Sunshine,

Have you ever thought about this... you have never seen your own face. Interesting huh??? Have you ever thought about it? We've only seen a reflection of what an object says we look like. We trust a mirror to tell us our makeup is in place, our hair is set or if we are having a "bad hair day!" We trust the mirror to say we look fabulous or frail or happy or homely. We trust the mirror as it clearly points out every flaw. This reflection often defines us.

However, in all of the things God created, I don't recall the mirror or the cellphone {Father help us all!.} Perhaps that was because the packaging is far less important to the One that looks at the heart. 

I once heard that the Bible was our spiritual mirror. The Word of God is the key to our identity showing us who we are. When we don't feel worthy or beautiful or loved or chosen, we must look to the Spiritual Mirror not the one hanging on our bathroom wall. We get the choice to believe His truth for us. 

When we don't feel beautiful, we anchor our mind in His truth ....lovely are you that carries good news. {Isaiah 52:7} Yes, I am lovely!

When we are feeling dull and flawed our Truth becomes...Those who look to Him are radiant! {Psalm 34:5} Yes, I am radiant!

When the spirit of rejection rises because our past shows a history of those we love leaving our truth becomes He will never leave or forsake me. {Deuteronomy 31:6} I am so loved by the Eternal Husband who always stays close! 

When the voices that say we are unworthy creep in, we hold to the TRUTH that we are children of the perfect Father, heirs to the Kingdom of God, and royalty! That means, we are PRICELESS! {Romans 8:17}

This is also why the Word of God in your life is essential. If you don't know who you are, you will believe the reflection in the wrong mirror.  Your truth will then come from the voices that seek to keep you from realizing that you are a meaningful player in the Kingdom of God, and instead of changing the world around you, you will focus on changing the packaging of you! 

Sweet friend,

your voice matters....

your life matters....

your place matters....

and no one can be YOU!

So be YOU!

May this Sunday you be blessed by finding some new truth about YOU in your spiritual mirror!

I challenge you to spend some time with the Eternal Husband today, and ask Him to lead you into some TRUTH that is just for YOU!!! Psalm 40 is my TRUTH! It is where I go when the wrong mirror has me doubting my call, my voice, my worthiness, because sweet friends we are all on a journey and the battle is real. If you don't have God's TRUTH to anchor into, you will believe his LIES! {John 8:44}

What does God say about you? Have you asked Him lately?

In His Grip,


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