Day Six: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

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"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find REST for your souls.”Matthew 11:28

I can not begin to count the number of times I have been sent into a place of rest unwillingly. After burning the candle at both ends until there was no longer a candle to burn, I would find myself bed bound for days. Exhausted, sick and aching, I vowed to have learned my lesson. I will see rest as sacred rather than lazy and I will intentionally REST. This promise was always short lived.....amnesia takes over and I have revived the candle and burn baby burn.

There is something deeper here that I have found and has led me to appreciate, desire and seek rest. Rest is birthed from a position of TRUST, and often goes beyond the physical need to a deeper emotional one. We can easily live on a roller coaster with our emotions fearing outcomes, questioning decisions, or doubting that His promises will happen for us. We become mentally and emotionally depleted. You may "claim" to trust as I often have, but my calendar spoke differently. My calendar said.... I will do ALL things rather than He will do all things. 

If God's timing didn't always fit into my plan, I would gladly help Him out which often led to a sea of regret over bad choices. I would go from one ulcer to another trying to make a decision that would keep me in His perfect will instead of sitting at His feet which perhaps is His perfect will.  It is comical now that I think about it that my desire to be in His will led me to an anxious for nothing, right? There's your sign, have clearly missed His 

 I'm beginning to think God was behind the Calgon Take Me Away commercials cheering Yes! Yes! Yes! Get some Calgon and bubble up and I will meet you there!!! For some crazy reason, I always seem to hear Him in the tub or the shower. {I still haven't figured this out, but it could be the secret}

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

He makes it so easy, yet we make is so complicated.

The power of rest:

Rest allows God to move because we don't fear His timing but expect His showing.

Resting in His presence restores our weary souls and bring us joy (In HIs Presence, there is fullness of Joy. Psalm 16:11)

Rest renews our mind from a house of torment (You are not enough!) to a place of assured identity....I am the Beloved! 

Rest allows the sacred to invade our busy lives and edify the Spirit of God in us and fill us with greater vision to live out from.

Rest says to the enemy of our can't touch me because my God Has This!

Sweet friends, the enemy of your heart has convinced you that rest is irresponsible and negligent, but only because he knows the power of it. And then there could be this other thing that hinders REST, and that is a lie that drives you to perform, strive, and be over responsible. Because my heart passion is to bring women to freedom, I can't avoid this moment to stir in you to ponder has the enemy gotten a grip on you that comes against REST?

Has he gotten you to believe that you aren't worthy or enough without all that you bring to the table? If you decided to simply "be" and NOT be everything that everyone expects of you, would you still be valued, appreciated, seen, and loved? Our culture can breed busy women, but so do the lies we believe that shape our lives! 

Today, your assignment is to REST! Shabbat Shalom!!! He is waiting! Ask I believe a lie that comes against REST? Do I believe a lie that drives me to striving and performing? Do I believe that I am enough?

Then ask Him to expose the root of the lie, uproot it and to plant His truth! 
{For more details on exposing lies, and living from truth see my newest book, Becoming Whole: For Such A Time As This.}

Be still and know Him today, and in doing so you might just find the beauty of who you are in His heart!

His Beloved,


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