Stirred by the words of Jeremiah, When you seek with your whole heart, I will be found, a desperate woman became a seeker. Rochelle’s journey challenged her to leave “comfortable Christianity” for Passionate Pursuit and while it stretched her and challenged her, it led her to a place of freedom, redemption, and intimacy. Her mission then became to bring truth and freedom to others that were seeking to find the answers to the deeper longings of their souls! Ultimately, she felt compelled by the Greater Love she found to lead others to Him believing the greatest longing of women is to be loved deeply.  Her story is one of HOPE that leads everyday women to seek their place in God’s greater story. Rochelle believes that when Jesus said I came that you might have life He meant it, and her passion will move you to seek a life that you LOVE!

Rochelle is the author of the Sweeteas Children’s Series and her personal story, He Gave Me Pearls and a Freedom Guide titled Becoming Whole: For Such A Time As This. She is currently working on her newest book, Love Your Life; A Memoir of a God Chaser. You can find her blog and more of her story at rochellefrazier.com. Her life has been one of seeing the mighty hand of God as she has chosen to walk in radical obedience including planting a church with her husband, Todd, in her hometown in Mississippi. Stepping out on a vision from God, they opened the doors to The Well in August of 2015, and within two years purchased their building to expand to meet the needs of a church on FIRE!  Todd and Rochelle are a picture of God’s redemption with their beautifully blended family of 7 including children Joy, Jadyn, Holland Rose, Houston & Jackson.

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Speaking topics: 

I believe Esther is our story, and I believe this is a season where God is raising women up as modern day Esthers. These women will walk in the love of the Father with the boldness of the Holy Spirit. They will speak with voices of influence to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth. They will surrender to the process that moves them into the inner courts where identity and destiny await. These women know that to take hold of what God has called them to they must not ignore but embrace and release the wounded soul to the Great Physician.
{This can be used for a one hour event, but designed for retreat setting with 3 sessions.}

Women will leave this event:
Equipped with tools to live from a restored soul.
Empowered to live boldly with Divine Purpose.
Embracing a new understanding of the Kingdom.
Daring to press in for new levels of intimacy. 


Rochelle believes that this is a message to be heard by all women. This fits best with a retreat setting allowing 3-4 sessions with Rochelle. This event seeks to bring a woman to a greater sense of wholeness bringing in healing and freedom pieces along with saturating their lives with powerful truth that stirs them to become a "Seeker." This message speaks deeply to the heart of the woman and what captives her and holds her captive. Her hunger for the life God calls us too is infectious and women will leave empowered to live from a GREATER PURPOSE.

Women will leave this event:
Free from shame, guilt, and wounds that hinders their Restoration and blocks intimacy.
Refreshed by the Word, fellowship, and presence.
Renewed in thinking, identity, purpose, and passion to pursue the full spiritual life. 

HOPE: The Anchor For The Soul
The world would tell you not to get your hopes up, but the Word says that hope takes you into the secret place behind the veil. Journey with Rochelle as she exposes the strategy of the enemy to anchor women's hearts in wounds and lies to prevent them from finding the presence of God that would free them, awaken them and unleash them. 

Women will leave this event:
Longing to draw near to the heart of the Father.
Free from "cultural norms" that hinder spiritual growth.
Living from a renewed sense of Hope of how they see themselves, how they see God, and how they live from the new Kingdom lens. 

Rochelle has a passion for freedom ministry seeing how radically it has changed her life and marriage. Her hope at this event is that women will experience healing of a wounded soul, remove hinderances to experiencing the love of God, and awaken them to deeper spiritual practices and release them into destiny! This is a two day event starting Friday evening and going through Saturday evening. 

Freedom Teachings Include:
Identity, The Source, and The Kingdom
Generational Bondage
Soul Ties

The Wounded Soul
Anger/ Control
The Orphan Spirit


If you are booking Rochelle for an hour event, these are messages that she feels are "fresh" and need to be heard in this season of our nation: 

What will it take to awaken a nation that has culturally fallen away from Jesus?
Repentance for turning to cisterns and forsaking living water, Realignment to Truth, and Passion for Lost Things.
This message can be used to encourage women or both men and women. 

He Gave Me Pearls: The Power of A Story
This is Rochelle's personal journey of spiritual awakening. From a pharmaceutical rep with the perfectly painted life, she became desperate after pregnancy induced heart failure, divorce, and tragedy to find something more! She will share you here journey in hopes to stir you to your own! 

If we miss the translation of this one word, KNOW, we may miss the calling of Christianity. In a cultural that many leaders believe is full of churches full of "lost" people, it is vital we awaken the church and realign them to truth that eternal life is in intimacy not in head knowledge. 

This is a perfect Christmas message to move women to release the WOEs that distract their life, and return to the Wonder of who they are in Jesus and how truly wonderful He is!!! An inspiring message that will reconnect women with the heart of the Good Father. 

Testimonies From Restore. Refresh. Renew:
Thank you for bringing His contagious joy and kingdom spirit with you to all of us. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you to proclaim liberty to the captives. He has anointed you and qualified you for this good work. Blessed to call you sister. Christine , Georgia

My daughter and I attended and I can't sleep I am so on fire for the Lord and His Word! Robin, Georgia

What an awesome weekend in the Presence of the Lord!  Sharon, Georgia

I'm blessed to say I'm grateful for my new Beginning. If there is MORE then I want it!!!!! Cassandra , Georgia

Rochelle is happy to work with your topic for a retreat or a women's night.

She is also certified as a life coach and has been extensively trained in freedom/ healing ministry.
Rochelle looks to empower women to live with purpose and she has a special heart for freedom ministry!

She also has a passion and a gifting to touch the lives of teen girls, and is a great host for any tea party.
(For more on her Children's Series the Sweeteas email rochelle@rochellefrazier.com )


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