Rochelle is the author of the children's series "The Sweeteas." The Sweeteas are a charming cast of Southern girls on a mission to touch the world with their Southern Grace. Wouldn't it be a delightful place if the whole world was touched by a lil' Southern Grace?

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In 2006, after being diagnosed with pregnancy induced congestive heart failure and told she may never work again, Rochelle offered up a prayer......

Will you give me one idea to change my life?

And He answered with the most adorable cast of characters she calls the "Sweeteas." It wasn't enough that the idea came, but He opened the doors to make it a reality. The children's series would open the door to share her story........ A story of encountering an IMPOSSIBLE GOD! 

She was healed completely and divinely inspired, but what changed her life was far more than the Sweeteas, it was a loving Father that stepped out of eternity and into her life, and her life would never be the same.

A bold prayer answered would forever shift her course. A failing and broken heart restored and brought back with new life would begin setting fire in the hearts of women that He is GOOD and His LOVE is real. And that love is overwhelming and healing and only tasting it sets us FREE. HE is FOR US  and not disappointed in us, but standing at the door waiting to show His favor upon His children, as He did bringing the Sweeteas to life.

Her story books share the wearing of pearls and the wisdom of pearls, and her story awakens women to the realization that it is the friction in our lives that birth a pearl. And He looks for us......and calls us a PEARL.


What would happen if He answered an IMPOSSIBLE PRAYER?



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